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Celebrate International Nacho Day with a Classic Joke

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE NACHO! Yes, October 21 is the International Day of the Nacho. E-Celebrate with us.

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Dos Toros Guacs it Out

If you have eaten at one of Dos Toros’ three Manhattan locations, I am sure you don’t need any more reason to obsess over it. Introduced to New York by two San Fran transplants, Dos Toros is sort of like a cheaper, more authentically mexican Chipotle.

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Guac Rock: The Motion Picture

We already battered into your head how awesome Guac Rock was. So get an ice pack, because you’re about learn it one more time.

12:06 pm on April 28, 2010 by Jon Poritsky Category: events, guactacular 6 Comments
Clarification: It's Not a Socktacular

We thought perhaps we weren’t clear the first time that the Guactacular is a spectacular guacamole event, hence the name Guactacular. With 20 guacs, a polka-extraordinary performance, super-cheap drinks, raffles, DJs, and a lot more, you’d think we didn’t need a video.

10:49 am on March 8, 2010 by Rachel Anderson Category: store, video 1 Comment
T-Shirts, We Have New T-Shirts!

One rainy, dreary, winter day we decided to all wear our new Nacho Nacho Man T-shirts and prance around in front of cameras. What came out of it was lovely visuals of why you would want to dress like us.

11:57 am on February 9, 2010 by Jon Poritsky Category: Featured, interview 1 Comment
Talking Nachos with Parry Gripp

You may recall (how could you forget) our featured video last week of an iPad song crossed with an old Taco Bell commercial. Once we posted it and spread the love, it’s creator, Parry Gripp, immediately got in touch with us.

3:23 pm on February 2, 2010 by Lee Frank Category: nachos in the media 5 Comments
iPad = Nachos?

All of us at NachosNY have iPhones, except Dan the Apprentice, but that’s because he doesn’t have a phone, I think. Since the announcement of the Apple iPad, I’ve been scouring my brain for something to connect nachos with the iPad.Sadly, I basically gave up.

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Lessons of Blart: If You Can't Take the Heat

I’m not gonna pretend that Paul Blart: Mall Cop is a good film worth checking out, but a friend recommended this scene for the “Nachos in the Media” column. Blart certainly illustrates a common problem about ‘cho-fficianados.

11:12 am on September 21, 2009 by Jon Poritsky Category: Featured, nachos in the media 1 Comment
The Debate Over Nachos Stuck Together

Love, murder, kidnapping, Neil Diamond, cursing nuns and that guy from Tenacious D are just a few of the components that make up the acquired taste humor of Dennis Dugan’s 2001 Saving Silverman. Oh yeah, and nachos.

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Nacho Radio (and Video)

I like tortilla chips. Actually, I love them. But I can’t lay down sick lyrics like “I really like tortilla chips / the way they crunch the way they dip / I really like tortilla chips.”

I also lack the following: rhythm, dancing skills, hand-eye-coordination, and style. In addition to nacho radio I have hand-selected my favorite Youtube clips featuring choreographed dances to T. Bizzy’s “Tortilla chips.”

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Here’s the video you’ve been waiting for. It introduces you to all of the people involved in this, the largest nachos trip yet.

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Uncle Moe’s Part 2

Here’s the extra special video also taken at Uncle Moe’s. Glowing recommendations all around.