11:35 am on February 2, 2010 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews 3 Comments

A week has past since we destroyed Astoria on our Nacho Crawl so our stomachs have had time to settle and our palates have been refreshed but I wish I could just hit DELETE DELETE DELETE on the night that was at Paquitos in the East Village.

12:36 am on November 24, 2009 by Rachel Anderson Category: Product Review 3 Comments
Product Review: Creamy White Queso

What? Did we review Mexican Alfredo sauce. Oh man I wish. Instead, we had to eat this Creamy White Queso crap from Target. What should we expect from a queso. I don’t know, flavor? Salt? Not sweet peppers and a milky after taste.

8:26 am on September 4, 2009 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews 2 Comments
Peggy O'Neill's

As the Single-A Short Season NY Penn League was winding down, the gang decided to take in a Brooklyn Cyclones game. Lee opted for nachos as his in-game snack and we all hopped on the nacho train after a Cyclone loss at Peggy O’Neils.

7:22 pm on May 10, 2009 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews 3 Comments
Local: Knickerbocker Nachos

After an afternoon of tasty, tiny, tofu snacks at Matt Timms’ Tofu Takedown, the only thing we could think of next was to find meat and find it fast, preferrably on top of chips and cheese. After a brief walk uptown in order to broaden our horizons, we found Local Cafe and Cocktails right near Madison Square Garden. What we stumbled upon was an overpriced plate of salty chips and refried beans complete with guac from a can that probably came from Sysco.

1:55 pm on March 24, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: reviews 6 Comments

This week in a move that will likely be seen as a few (hundred) steps backwards on the journey to the best nachos, I stopped by Taco Bell in Union Square after seeing this sign.