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Five Nacho Spots for Super Bowl Sunday

While we’re more invested in nachos than we are into the BIG GAME on Sunday. But we know that we’ll have to watch it, so we want to make sure we’re watching it where we can really eat some delicious nachos. Without further ado, here’s five of our favorite spots to cho down for the touchdown.

12:24 pm on August 9, 2010 by Shawn Parow Category: a queso the munchies No Comments
Stadium Nachos (A Queso The Munchies)

The NFL season doesn’t start for another month, but the fake NFL season begins this Tuesday, when EA releases Madden NFL 11, the latest edition of their ridiculously popular football video game. To get folks in the mood, fresh off the creation of their Ballpark Nacho Fritos, the folks at Frito Lay have developed another sports-themed snack, Stadium Nacho Doritos, one of two new Doritos flavors (along with Tailgate BBQ) that are “inspired by Madden NFL 11.”