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Salsa Slam came and went once again this year. We had AMAZING FLAVORS, tasty beers, and smiling faces. Let’s talk about who won:

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Salsa Slam: Prizes and Judges

Salsa Slam may seem like the dorky step-brother of Guactacular. And it sure might be, but we still absolutely love it. This Sunday is coming REALLY soon and we realized we wanted to pass on a few more details.

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Compete in Salsa Slam

Do you have what it takes to bring the heat and the lycopene to the Bell House on November 6th? We are still looking for competitors in the 2nd Annual Salsa Slam. There’ll be prizes. There’ll be drama. There’ll be, well, a ton of chips and salsa. Email Rachel at to compete.

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Salsa Slam 2011

Last year, you might have attended Salsa Slam. Once again, that time has come. For age-old recipes to unearth. For votes to be counted. For tomatoes to be crushed into delicate salsas. So let’s get to the amazing basics.

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Mad for Mangoes (recipes)

Lindsay Liu is a friend of mine and also a creative mastermind. With small numbers of people signed up for Salsa Slam and a trip of hers switching days, I was able to convince her to take her favorite Mango Salsa from home size to XXXXL. She did and she was rewarded.

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This Was Salsa Slam

Before I get into a Salsa Slam recap, I want to make sure I thank everyone. Heather and Julio at the Bell House made sure I never went crazy. Marla from 5 Burro Cafe was amazing to donate a prize for the Judge’s Favorite while also giving a $20 gift certificate for everyone who competed. Nozomi, Maraysa, Dan, Joby and Jon had my back making sure everything ran what I’d call ultra-smoothly.

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Meet the Competitors

I have to admit, we have some interesting people in tomorrow’s Salsa Slam from all walks of life. And some crazy salsas. Really crazy. Here’s just a handful of the mighty twenty.

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We still have spaces! FULL

This upcoming weekend, we’re gonna make a mess at the Bell House with spicy, sweet, and confusing salsas. Just in case you’re a salsa fanatic that is worried they’re too late, we want you to know, there’s a couple spaces left for Salsa Slam.

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Judging Salsa Slam

On 9/12, we’ll be at the Bell House with a couple hundred of our friends figuring out that BEST salsa in the Tri-State area. The public will have their say, voting for the People’s Champion and 2 Runners Up. But we also want a professional opinion because the BEST salsa around is an important feat. So we’ve assembled a heavy-hitting panel that will deliberate and judge fairly, but with a serious seriousness.

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Competing In Salsa Slam

So you like salsa and people like when you make salsa? You could enter Salsa Slam, just a few weeks from now. We have some spots filled up with Nachos NY competition veterans, but we still have some left. So I thought that writing up a post to explain as much as possible would convince a few more people.

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Ever Eaten Salsa With A Mariachi Ensemble?

I bet you’ve answered no. Well, you’re very in luck. You’ll be knees-deep in Salsa at the Salsa Slam on 9/12 at the Bell House and now I have to tell you there will be a killer Mariachi band closing out the competition.

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Salsa Slam (events)

Every year we plan our hearts out for Guactacular, then it comes and goes and we have to wait another year for the fun of Guacamole and strangers. So we decided to end that pain by adding another awesome event to make your tastebuds tingle. SALSA SLAM.