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Aviche: The Guacamole of the Sea (recipes)

Ellie Ratcliff, Lindsay Liu and Lauren Cooper were awarded the Judge’s Favorite at the 2011 Guactacular earlier this month for their guacamole, Aviche: The Guacamole of the Sea. The ladies were kind enough to share their winning recipe with us. Enjoy!

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Raisin the Roof Guacamole (recipes)

After months of guacamole experimentation, my partner in guac-crime/ boyfriend Anthony and I came up with an Indian-inspired guac to serve at Guactacular. We aptly named our guac Raisin the Roof, as we felt confident that it would set the bar at Guactacular. We’re overjoyed that people at the event loved it and hope everyone at home who missed out on Guactacular does too.

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Cookie Takedown Champs!

I first off want to say muchas gracias to Lee and the apprentice, Dan for stepping up and repping “Nacho Mama’s Cookies” at this year’s Cookie Takedown, brought to you by the wondrous Matt Timms. Don’t worry kids, he wasn’t swinging anything in our favor. This victory was decided by the people. So of course THANK YOU!

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Post Show 'Chos

In the days to come we will bring you video, pictures, and excellent commentary on the “Shows” part of our ‘Chos and Shows evening that began at Union Pool. And the Moneynoteswere kind enough to chat with us prior to their show. Lee had an intense one-on-one with their nacho connoisseur, Brian. While you wait for that ‘Chos and Shows coverage, let’s recap the post show party which you guessed it, included ‘chos, ‘chos, ‘chos.

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I’ve wondered for a long time what a Parisian or a Kentucky Nacho would be like. So I’ve decided to reach out to my friends around the US and world abroad to tell me how their city’s Nacho would be. Our first, as the title points out is the ‘Nati Nachos from Cincinnati, OH. Our first author, Erin Lindsey, describes them beautifully.
Cincinnati, Ohio is famous for it’s eclectic food (and we are likely to be in the top 10 fattest cities in USA). We have Northern Indian cuisine on campus, …

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Deliciousness comes at great costs, sometimes you need a lot of meat or a lot of cheese. This time, we did it without either. Dynah, came to visit me in NY, which came to be known as my Great Vegan period where I ate fake everything as she is vegan. She was excited about my quest for nachos and consequently on the search for a dope recipe for a queso to top the chips with. She came with this Vegan Explosion Queso.

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I found this article and with the awesomeness of elections, nachos and the combination of election nachos.