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Seven Second Delay Interviews Lee

Upon seeing that photo, you might wonder where I am. Well, you see, I was asked to join WFMU’s Seven Second Delay’s attempt to create the URDB record for the most interviews in an hour. It’s important to mention here, that Nachos NY are veterans of URDB; we have the record for the Most People Eating Guacamole On A Boat.

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If you are new to Nachos NY, then you might have missed last week’s installment of Nacho Radio. We were blessed last week with a gem from Hanson titled “Devil’s Nachos.” This week Big and Rich do the honors of serenading us about a hot lady named Maria.

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This is the first of many nacho songs coming to you live from Nacho Radio. Take a short break chomping on those crunchy tortilla chips to listen to some sweet nacho beats.

“I met the devil at the Taco Bell.”
Hanson + Nachos = Brilliance