nacho cheese sauce

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So Swine is a restaurant in the Greenwich Village that specializes in charcuterie. Tucked between the beef tongue pastrami and bone marrow and brisket burger is potato chip nachos.

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Aviator Sports and Events Center

Aviator Sports and Events Center is a fun place to go ice skating on the weekends. Take the bus out there and you almost forget you’re in Brooklyn. Last time out, they were out of chips but I was in luck this time around, if you could call ordering “NACHO’S” luck.

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Nachos at Target Field (Minneapolis)

Ballpark nachos are iffy at best. And really, how many times can you really review cheese sauce and round, over-salted tortilla chips? But this past week I took in a game at Target Field in Minneapolis and learned a few things about ballpark ‘chos.

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Prudential Center 'Chos

While the players went at it on the ice, I hit the concession stands. I missed the Sabres only goal that evening for these nachos. But where they worth it?

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Product Review: Creamy White Queso

What? Did we review Mexican Alfredo sauce. Oh man I wish. Instead, we had to eat this Creamy White Queso crap from Target. What should we expect from a queso. I don’t know, flavor? Salt? Not sweet peppers and a milky after taste.

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San Loco’s Second Chance

On our first ever nacho crawl, San Loco was the thrid stop on the Lower East Side. Simply put, we weren’t impressed. Ball park nachos, lettuce, bland pork, nothing seemed to go right for this place. Well let’s fast forward a couple months to this past weekend’s ‘Chos and Shows festival. Following some cans of PBR and shots of whiskey, were went in search of your typical late-night, greasy, fatty drunk food. Now we know when San Loco is an acceptable nacho place. At 3 am on a Saturday morning when you only have $4 after a night at the bar.

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All You Need is Queso Love

Nacho lovers, you have been patient with me as I have been slacking in my search for the ultimate song to listen to while you drown yourself in guac goodness. I have been searching for a song that you can blare on the speakers so you can bask in nacho-lyrics glory while you’re munching on the good stuff. I think I found quite a gem.

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Qdoba Lunch Break

It was the Saturday before our big Williamsburg Nacho Crawl. Most people would take the day to rest, relax, and mentally prepare for the journey before them. But since when are like most people?

I was on break from work. Actually, I would grab bites in between customers at Royale Cafe as Lee got nachos from Qdoba on 6th Ave. and so we feasted.

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Melt. Cheese. Get it?

I apologize nacho lovers. I have failed to provide you with a song on nacho radio in a timely fashion. I know you have been longing for chip, cheese, and/or guacamole themed song all week. This weeks choice is a bit silly and really there’s nothing nacho related. Instead it’s just Richard Cheese sing “Melt with You.”

Clever, eh?

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Simply, cheese wiz on tortilla chips does not automatically mean nachos. Far from it my friends, instead, it makes a salty dip product that only should be served at sporting events, gas stations, and movie theatres.