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Meet Guac Rock Band: American Darlings

Guac Rock is only a week away! Tickets are still available for this epic event. Imagine. 3 hours on a boat, unlimited guacamole, an hour of free tequila and three awesome bands. One of those bands, American Darlings were kind enough to answer a few nacho goodness questions.

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Xylos is playing Guactacular

You may have heard by now that Guactacular is sold out. That doesn’t mean we’re all out of announcements. We have a few up our sleeves.

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Nachos in the Media: SNL SNF Nacho FUN

As dumb as I ever thought a column about nachos in the media would be, there is never a shortage of material. Look back at old Simpsons episodes, for example, and you’ll see our favorite snack pop up time and time again. Comedy writers just seem to have a thing for it.

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We’re Pro Fun Party (events)

On October 23, the stars are aligning for an epic day of live epicness. Nachos NY is partnering with I Rock I Roll for the We’re Pro Fun Party during CMJ. We have 12 bands, The event takes place in the LES and you should know it’s free.

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Talking ‘chos with Shark?

When we’re not reviewing nachos all over the place or throwing events that garner URDB records, we like to talk to bands. We’ve been tweeting with Shark? for sometime and had questions to ask them.

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Mariachi Polka at the Guactacular

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month then you would know that the Guactacular is around the corner. This year, while you wet you whistle with Dos Equis and feast on 20 guacs, Alex Meixner and his band will be putting on a crazy-ass show. Mariachi polka music will be heard at the Bell House. For a little insight into what we will hear, I asked the man himself.

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Nacho Radio, We've Missed You

Howdy, folks. Nacho Radio is returning from a brief hiatus so prepare yourselves. Many of you may be pumping yourselves up for the usual Friday night shenanigans like cribbage and canasta. Me, I need something to get the ol’ juices flowing as I watch my World Champion New York Yankees mosey up Broadway. Now if I get arrested (FYI I get REALLY angry when parades don’t include candy) this may be my anthem for freedom! Or just Yankees victory.

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Nacho History Lesson

Some of you fools probably think Nachos are some fake Mexican food item that someone cooked up at the ball park with chili cheese sauce when they ran out of hot dogs. Surprise, surprise. It is legit Mexican food, at least at its origin.

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Lime Jungle and the Avett Brothers

We have received plenty of flak from nacho lovers alike that we rarely make out way out of Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. Thanks to the Avett Brothers show at Terminal 5 on Saturday evening, we were thrown into unknown waters. We found Lime Jungle on 9th Avenue between 53rd and 54th Street.

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Shows and 'Chos: Piano's with HGTR

Holy Ghost Tent Revival were back in town this past week. Before a show at the Living Room, we got together for some happy hour nacho action at Piano’s. Before 7, the Grand Piano Nachos are only $5. We got 6 plates.

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'Chos and Shows Happy Hour

Guess what folks. We found a restaurant that has happy hour nachos. At Mole between 4-7 you can indulge in $3 beers, $5 Margaritas, and (drum roll please) $5 Nachos! $5 Chips and Guacamole!

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Nachos NY is going back to Mercury Lounge tonight to see And The Moneynotes. As you may recall we interviewed these guys a few weeks back and they had some interesting things to say.