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At Nachos NY, we continue our attempt to find good nachos at chain restaurants. I had a strong desire to hit some gophers with a foam hammer so Dave and Buster’s in Times Square it shall be. See, I am so dedicated to my craft that I not only dined at a chain restaurant/arcade but I went to Times Square.

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El Centro

Twas a rainy day in Hell’s Kitchen. Seeking refuge from the storm, the Nachos NY gang searched out a place to dry out and chow down on some chorizo ‘chos while celebrating the birth of the nacho king himself, Lee Frank.

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Kimchi Taco Truck

I JUMP at the opportunity to cut into a work day with an order of nachos. It’s fairly difficult given the lack of Mexican food to my office, but on Tuesday, I triumphed over defeat when a coworker told me we were going to the Kimchi Taco Truck parked on Tuesdays at 24th & Broadway.

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El Rio Grande

It was Thursday night and I was meeting Doree Shafrir for nachos. We met a week earlier at SXSW and I promised her we’d have nachos. At the request of El Rio Grande, I chose to take her there.

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PS 450

When I heard we were going to PS whatever, I thought we were going to a public school pot-luck. But no, PS 450 is a swanky bar/restaurant on 450 Park Avenue South between 30th and 31st in Manhattan. We were intrigued by the restaurant’s Braised Short Rib Nachos.

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Margarita Report: Lime Jungle

Rainy, cold-for-October Saturday afternoons don’t usually scream “margarita,” (they usually call for a favorite of Rachel’s, a Hot Toddy) but as I sat down at Lime Jungle I oddly wanted nothing more than a frozen tequila delight.

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Lime Jungle and the Avett Brothers

We have received plenty of flak from nacho lovers alike that we rarely make out way out of Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. Thanks to the Avett Brothers show at Terminal 5 on Saturday evening, we were thrown into unknown waters. We found Lime Jungle on 9th Avenue between 53rd and 54th Street.

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Leisure Time

So I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m part of the Flavorpill All-Star Bowling team in the New York Media Bowling League (possibly incorrect). On the last night of bowling, my nacho integrity was questioned by Doug Levy, who sees my mission as trying every nacho even if I know it will be horrible.

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For this Wednesday’s nacho retreat, we lost Sara, and also trekked just slightly northward. We made it to Rodeo, at 23rd and 3rd. This place’s interior is important to mention. It has the makings of a Western Rodeo bar, complete with a giant buffalo above the bar. I read that the nachos were very good here.

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Tequilaville (address at the end) is located next to Grand Central in Midtown Manhattan. We got there around 6pm, when I would think it would be a busy, mad house with drink specials and cheap food. It wasn’t too busy. I decided we could share the “Super Nachos,” but we also ordered individual meals.