3:32 pm on January 6, 2010 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews 4 Comments

2010 is looking good. Real good. The first ‘chos of the year happen to have come from a previous Grito competition supporter, Lobo. After having their salsa at the Bell House I was pumped to dive into their nacho menu.

1:24 pm on November 20, 2009 by Category: reviews 2 Comments

Some of us here at NachosNY don’t live in Brooklyn. Shocker! I know. While Jon lives in Manhattan (not even below 14th street!), I reside in Astoria and too often have to make the long, out of the way trip to Brooklyn.

2:56 pm on November 19, 2009 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews 8 Comments
Southern Hospitality BBQ

Hey haters out there, look where we went. All the way to the Upper East Side, baby. If you start on the Bronx, we’re getting there. We even have a review from Queens coming and Lee’s planning his nacho crawl in Philly. Look out world we will mount and conquer thee.

6:34 pm on November 5, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: reviews 1 Comment
El Jalapeno

El Jalapeno recently opened in Park Slope in what some are calling a death-like location (Off of 5th seems to equal closing quickly). I wanted to check it out and try to help keep it open, but how was it?

3:40 pm on November 3, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: reviews 2 Comments
Cinco De Mayo

On a wet Monday night with drops pouring on my head, what could be better than Nachos? With all of my work vicinity covered by previous reviews, I decided to hike back out to Brooklyn.

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Margarita Report: Lime Jungle

Rainy, cold-for-October Saturday afternoons don’t usually scream “margarita,” (they usually call for a favorite of Rachel’s, a Hot Toddy) but as I sat down at Lime Jungle I oddly wanted nothing more than a frozen tequila delight.

8:33 am on September 21, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: nacho radio, reviews 2 Comments
Shows and 'Chos: Yola's with Afuche

Just before their state-crossing tour, we got a chance to sit down with Brooklyn-based band, Afuche. With their show taking place at Public Assembly and us rarely excited to trek to Williamsburg, we decided on Yola’s Cafe, which I’d heard good things about.

10:00 am on September 14, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: reviews 2 Comments

On a brisk Wednesday, I made plans to eat dinner with my friend, Jen, in Dumbo. She mentioned her disinterest in Mexican food, but I convinced her that Pedro’s, a place with a bright/crazy mural on the wall, would also have delightful food. Boy, was I in store for a night of memories.

7:58 pm on August 22, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: reviews 2 Comments

On what would be two days before they shuttered their doors, we had an opportunity to get nachos at the lovely Bonita. When we walked in, the waitress stared confused at my I Nachos NY shirt and recognized our journey with a giggle. We sat down and I noticed caipirhinas on the menu, but no nachos. I did my research, so I had read about them before.

6:21 pm on July 29, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: reviews No Comments

On a sunny Sunday, I found myself wandering alone into Prospect Park. Deep in wander-mode, I thought Anh Tuan might be playing in the park and I called him. Given a direction, I sped to bottom of the park to find a lackadaisical game of bounce a ball happening. I am an old fan of the game and jumped in.

11:00 am on July 2, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: Featured, reviews 5 Comments
Blondie’s Sports

After a night of hard-working sweat-dripping wiffle ball with the crew from Heeb Magazine, Saucony sent us all to Blondie’s Sports for a healthy, post sport meal. When we sat down, we ordered the finest of beers, Stella (check my infamous comment on EffedinParkSlope about Stella).

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Blind Pig

After a strange tweetup, I won’t name any names (cancelled tv show), I took Julia, a new to NY nacho lover and soon to be Nacho correspondent of some kind, to Blind Pig on suggestion from a friend.

We arrived and were given a seat on lovely 14th st, so we could watch drunk kids walk by after a free pizza at the Crocodile Lounge. We ordered the nachos and no drinks, the waitress, was unimpressed, still NACHOS: