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Epstein’s Bar – Happy Hour Nachos

When you think happy hour you normally think 2-for-1 drafts or a couple bucks knocked off your well drinks. On select nights Epstein’s Bar happy hour extends to their appetizer menu. On a Friday night how could one turn down cheap fried food and $3 Ommegang Witte beers?

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Idle Hands Bar – Totchos

We’re stretching the concept of nachos for you aren’t we? Angry that we’ve been reviewing Irish Nachos and now Totchos? Or are you blown away at how other foods are just jealous of the awesomeness of ‘cho to the point that they try and pretend they are brothers from another mother? Yea, that’s what I thought. This week: TOTCHOS.

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Schiller’s Liquor Bar

I’ve been waiting to go to Schiller’s for a while. I’ve often walked by on an afternoon and decided it’s not the place for a solo nacho mission.

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Downtown Bakery

It snowed a lot. Like seriously, Thundersnow? But I wanted to eat some nachos, so I did just that. I also forgot my keys, so I had to pick them up from Nozomi in the Soho area. I remembered passing a place called Downtown Bakery near Puebla and seeing that they indeed sold nachos.

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Shows and 'Chos: Piano's with HGTR

Holy Ghost Tent Revival were back in town this past week. Before a show at the Living Room, we got together for some happy hour nacho action at Piano’s. Before 7, the Grand Piano Nachos are only $5. We got 6 plates.

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'Chos and Shows Happy Hour

Guess what folks. We found a restaurant that has happy hour nachos. At Mole between 4-7 you can indulge in $3 beers, $5 Margaritas, and (drum roll please) $5 Nachos! $5 Chips and Guacamole!

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Nachos NY is going back to Mercury Lounge tonight to see And The Moneynotes. As you may recall we interviewed these guys a few weeks back and they had some interesting things to say.

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TONIGHT: The Morning After Girls

Please, join the Nacho King of New York, Mr. Lee Frank and myself at the Mercury Lounge tonight. This will be the first of two trips to the Lower East Side this week. Lee and I will be attending The Morning After Girls concert tonight. Tomorrow the self-declared official band of all things ‘cho And the Moneynotes will be back on stage in the city.

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San Loco’s Second Chance

On our first ever nacho crawl, San Loco was the thrid stop on the Lower East Side. Simply put, we weren’t impressed. Ball park nachos, lettuce, bland pork, nothing seemed to go right for this place. Well let’s fast forward a couple months to this past weekend’s ‘Chos and Shows festival. Following some cans of PBR and shots of whiskey, were went in search of your typical late-night, greasy, fatty drunk food. Now we know when San Loco is an acceptable nacho place. At 3 am on a Saturday morning when you only have $4 after a night at the bar.

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Festival Mexicano

This post was begun over a month ago and promptly ignored. This venue, the last on our crawl in the L.E.S. was ok. By the time we reached there, we were a group of six with the appetite of 1 (me).
The waitress got mad at us for ordering only nachos, even though her restaurant was empty. So, we ordered some booze, with Princess Guac getting a little silly off the sangria. Much to her delight, I will not be posting her embarassing video.

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El Sombrero

El Sombrero, unlike most of my usual restaurants, did not come with high regards. Most often it was mentioned that they give to go margaritas that are majorly strong. Still, I was willing to give them as much a chance as anywhere else.

As we sat down, That’s So Raven played on the TV. The eight remaining nacho friends spoke about their hopes and dreams. Space travel and portable air conditioners, mostly. Suddenly, a child laborer gave us some menus and water. With two kinds of nachos, one aptly named Nachos and the other Nachos Especiales.

9:32 am on March 30, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: reviews 3 Comments
San Loco

Needless to say, we still ate nachos. We walked into San Loco, a well-regarded cheap mexican spot. The menu on the wall sported two types of nachos, Macho Nachos and Ballpark Nachos. Macho Nachos were the legitimate type with a melted cheese, while Ballpark Nachos go by the guidelines we’ve suggested for cheese-esque orange sauce. (IE, if you’re using sauce, don’t pretend its the real deal.)