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The Winners of Guactacular 2013

First off thank you to all over 2013 contestants, attendees, sponsors and judges. We will share photos and recipes later but for now, here are your 2013 Guactacular champions.

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Competing in the Guactacular Professional Circuit!

As we mentioned and you may have seen, we added a mysterious night time guactacular session that mentioned pros competing. Here are your pros:

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Guactacular 2013

This is year 5. Remember year 1: 350+ people landed upon the Bell House’s front lounge much to my surprise. We ran out of chips, we ran out for chips, and then we ran out of chips. It was a crazy time. And now we’re here in year 5. So we’re doing something special. This year’s Guactacular is going to be a day of fun.

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Guactacular 2012 in review

Last night was a dream come true. 600 avocados were eaten in no time, votes were counted and champions were crowned!

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Guactacular 2012

OMG. Spring has sprung. Birds are tweeting. Bees are buzzing. And avocados are preparing to be smashed. You are correct, Guactacular is back.

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Raisin the Roof Guacamole (recipes)

After months of guacamole experimentation, my partner in guac-crime/ boyfriend Anthony and I came up with an Indian-inspired guac to serve at Guactacular. We aptly named our guac Raisin the Roof, as we felt confident that it would set the bar at Guactacular. We’re overjoyed that people at the event loved it and hope everyone at home who missed out on Guactacular does too.

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Holy smokes kids, Guactacular is this weekend! Earlier this week, I posted some words of wisdom from some of our Guactacular competitors who have been to a Nachos NY event or two. Now it’s time to hear from the rest of the competitors. Judging by their answers, we all should be pumped to taste some insane and inventive guac this Sunday. And don’t forget about Mothers’ Day! Now, on to the hard-hitting questions.

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This is the third year we have been hosting Guactacular and some people just can’t get enough of the thrill of the competition. Some of these lucky people were in attendance and some were winners of the whole thing so we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to some of those awesome people.

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Guactacular Sponsors – We Couldn’t Do It Without You

Without our sponsors, Guactacular would cost $90 a person, contestants would have to buy their own avocados and we’d all be dying from thirst and sobriety. But these kinds folks help us out to make sure that Guactacular 2011 is an eventful night complete with beer, food and a good ol’ fashioned avocado taste mobile!

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Guactacular 2011: SOLD OUT

It’s here again. The most exciting food event to hit Brooklyn, strikes again. Yep, Guactacular 2011 is back and here’s what you need to know.

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Thank you to Guactacular 2010 Sponsors and Press

We showed you our top ten moments and our winner’s recipes. Guactacular is considered by us to be a huge success and we wouldn’t have be able to pull off an event of this magnitude without the help of our awesome partners.

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The Champions of Guactacular Recipes

We still have so many things to cover. To start, the delicious recipes from our winners. Enjoy them at will!