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two8two Burger

These nachos were a huge surprise, which won’t surprise you when you see the iPhone photos of them. I spent my day buying fluffy pillows at IKEA and wanted a burger, so we stopped at two8two Burger in Cobble Hill. When I came back from the restroom, Nozomi said “You’re going to be excited.” I was, strictly because there was nachos on this menu.

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Wildwood BBQ

Have you ever planned to eat Japanese-Italian food and ended up at a HUGE BBQ place on Park Ave? Hmm, I thought I never would also. But I did.

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Villa Pancho Taqueria

Taqueria nachos have a tendency to be messy take out containers that need to be finished with a fork and lots of napkins. At Villa Pancho Taqueria in Bed Stuy, the nachos remained true to taqueria standers but were surprisingly sturdy and the forks remained reserved for Lee’s hamburger burrito (complete with fries wrapped inside).

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Prior to attending a bar crawl for Delta Spirit’s new album, I forced Maraysa to eat nachos in Greenpoint. We’ve been to Acapulco and to Vamos Al Tequila and both were pretty lovely, so we chose Papacito’s. Papacito’s offers a great variety of vegan and vegetarian options, but if I was that into either of those, I probably wouldn’t be blogging about nachos.

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Viktor & Spoils

As part of the book-writing process, we are going to a lot of meetings. We took a nacho-meeting with our editor, who finds us just darling, to newly opened Viktor & Spoils. Our evening started with each one of us needing directions to find the sign-less restaurant. One by one, we each found the door with the currency all over it and sat down.

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Vamos Al Tequila

Recently, I picked up this adorable two-seater bench in Greenpoint, my third visit to the area since not visiting for 18 months or so. With the bench in my car, I found Vamos Al Tequila on Franklin St. With outdoor seating, I figured why not bask in the sun and eat nachos all by myself as passers by pass me by.

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El Rey (Philadelphia)

I went to Philadelphia a few weeks back. I know you’re wondering, “how can Lee leave when there are so many nachos left to eat.” Well, I grew up in PA and I wanted to go home.

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Los Arcos

Nachos NY is proud to reintroduce Richard Sloven aka Gorilla Guac. He recently dined at Los Arcos in Bushwick (or East Williamsburg…ugh) and wanted to share his findings.

12:00 pm on May 11, 2011 by Lee Frank Category: guacamole review 3 Comments
Tortilla Flats (Guacamole reviews)

Ok, we noticed something recently. You guys LOVE guacamole. So do we. We’ve enlisted the help of Greta Moseson, a guac lover, to talk about guacamoles. Think of her section as a mini-Nachos NY, she’ll be doing reviews, recipes, and a lot of weird posts about Guacamole.

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You know what happens, sometimes I leave Brooklyn, sometimes I even leave NYC. I don’t get too far though. On Sunday, we made it to Hoboken for a friend’s art opening and I needed to eat nachos.

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El Rio Grande

It was Thursday night and I was meeting Doree Shafrir for nachos. We met a week earlier at SXSW and I promised her we’d have nachos. At the request of El Rio Grande, I chose to take her there.

11:15 am on March 14, 2011 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews 1 Comment
Tacos el Bronco

On Thursday nights, I intern with Robicelli’s in Sunset Park. Matt and Alison decided we take a break from the baking and order delivery from Tacos el Branco. While I have shied away from delivery nachos, I trusted that the Robicelli’s would not order from just any ol’ Mexican joint. Plus we need to beef up our nacho knowledge in the other BK regions