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Hear us on the Sporkful!

If you’re like me, when you updated your podcasts this week, a new episode from the Sporkful came up all about nachos. The Sporkful is already a delightful listen, but this week was a special treat.

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Guacaholics Anonymous (Boston)

When I see the word guacamole, I instantly think of my brother, the Nacho King. After receiving an email from Eat Boston about Guacaholics Anonymous 2, I knew I needed to be there.

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Guac Rock Boat Cruise 2011 – A Reflection

The Second Annual Guac Rock Boat Cruise set sail last night on the East River with 300 dancing, guacamole lovers. The So So Glos, our super secret act, North Highlands and American Darlings provided the entertainment while 9 different guacamoles were doled out.

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Guac Rock 2011

Last summer, we introduced an event that rocked several faces, the East River, and the Statue of Liberty. Well since about the minute we got on the boat, we knew we were bringing it back. So we’ve decided to step it up many many steps up the ladder.

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Meet the Competitors

I have to admit, we have some interesting people in tomorrow’s Salsa Slam from all walks of life. And some crazy salsas. Really crazy. Here’s just a handful of the mighty twenty.

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Talking Cannibalism, Chunky Milk and Chos with Hollerado

With this Friday’s Nacho House NYC coming so fast, we rushed to the phones to talk to idea originators and amazing band, Hollerado. They put on Nacho Houses on the map at SXSW and NXNE. So we talked to them a little about music and a lot about our common interest, chos. Come see us all this Friday at Cake Shop.

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Salsa Slam (events)

Every year we plan our hearts out for Guactacular, then it comes and goes and we have to wait another year for the fun of Guacamole and strangers. So we decided to end that pain by adding another awesome event to make your tastebuds tingle. SALSA SLAM.

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Guac Rock: RAIN or SHINE

The weather looks a little gloomy out there folks. But don’t be discouraged. The Guac Rock boat Cruise will go on RAIN or SHINE.