7:53 am on April 22, 2010 by A Lovely Guest Category: Featured, reviews 1 Comment
Dessert Nachos from the Treats Truck

It was serving from 2pm-5:30pm, so I, Lee, couldn’t go and had to send a field reporter, Nozomi. She relayed this story to me with photos and actually later provided some of the chos, which I’ll comment on after her report.

2:00 pm on January 26, 2010 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews No Comments
Dessert Nachos at Los Muertos

How does one celebrate a successul nacho crawl? Dessert nachos of course. You would think after three nacho stops in one day we would be chipped-out but then you mustn’t comprehend our dedication. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert all we want are nachos.