crushin’ on us

10:10 pm on September 30, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: announcements, crushin, Featured 2 Comments
NBC New York Recognizes Good Work

If you know me, follow us on twitter or read NBC New York, you know what I am about to tell you. If not, today, I was interviewed by NBC New York about this lovely website. I was very excited to talk to them and excited to tell you about it. Tell them how excited you are that they spoke to me.

3:05 pm on March 20, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: announcements No Comments
T-shirts sale is ending

Hey folks, I know you’ve been looking at the pretty shirts and thinking about how you need to buy one. Well sadly, the $16 SALE ends Saturday. On Sunday, the shirts you love will rise to $18, so I’d jump on it if I were YOU.

8:22 am on March 19, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: crushin 3 Comments

Our reaction was one of slightly scared hesitation. We were all like, “uh uh uh what, I thought you were dating the QB or “This is why you’re fat.” So, we ended up saying this to Thrillist and the rest of the adoring internet.

1:22 pm on March 11, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: crushin No Comments

First, Flavorwire is kicking game at us, now is fueling the Nacho-infused fire. They’re talking about how lovely and knowledged we are about the tortilla and its delicious topping-like friends.

11:55 pm on March 9, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: announcements 5 Comments

We define nacho crawl as “taking a trip to as many places as possible to eat delicious, delicious nachos.” It takes the idea of the “crawl” from the obvious bar crawl and legislation crawl. It loses the nausea of both (lucky for you).

12:53 pm on March 5, 2009 by Lee Frank Category: crushin 1 Comment

Uhoh, it looks like someone is kind of madly in love with us. We keep seeing them everywhere we go. It’s . . .