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Guac Crawl: Carroll Gardens in Review

Yesterday was rainy and gray sky-ed, but you wouldn’t know that with the smiles on everyone’s faces as we took over Carroll Gardens/Red Hook/wherever we were.

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Tacos Mexico

First stop on this Astoria nacho train was Tacos Mexico. Don’t let the name fool you, their tacos may be good but their nachos were phenomenal. It took a little while for our train to get out of the station. We had a few late arrivals and Tacos Mexico was definitely overwhelmed by our hunger and magnitude.

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Nacho Crawl Margarita Breakdown

Upon embarking on Nacho Crawl Astoria, I was prepared to not be able to gulp down a refreshing margarita until our last stop (Luna’s). To my knowledge, Tacos Mexico only served beer, but one of our courageous soldiers informed me there was a fully stocked bar on the other side of the wall I was facing.

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Nacho Crawl Astoria in Review!

Another crawl came and another crawl went. We had 50 hungry mouths, 3 overwhelmed restaurants and a lot of nachos to eat. Let’s take a look through the photos.

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Astoria Nacho Crawl: RSVP FULL

We know that you told us we need to leave our homebase of the Park Slope and LES areas and we’re doing just that. We’re having a Nacho Crawl in Astoria in just a few weeks.

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Road Trip: Philadelphia = Nacho Crawl

¡¡Special Breaking News Announcement!! A Nacho Crawl in another city!

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We’re having a Nacho Crawl in Fort Greene this Saturday August 15. It’s like a bar crawl, but with nachos. We’ll go to three places in the area and take a lot of pictures eat some nachos. It costs $10 to eat, but drinks are not included. Starts at 3pm.

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Rachel’s Taqueria

Rachel’s Taqueria was the third spot on our nacho crawl through Park Slope. After a grease filled stop at Mezcals, I was craving fresh, dare I say nutritious, nachos. Rachel’s Taqueria banged out delicious fruity margaritas and homemade chips topped with guacamole straight from the guac station. The green stuff certainly wasn’t squeezed out from a can or on need of the “dip” identifier.

The chips were homemade and made the plate of nachos have a rustic, made-with-love quality about them. I will say the downfall to chips made daily is the …

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Park Slope Nacho Crawl Recap

Last Saturday afternoon approximately 20 people joined us on our never-ending journey to find the best nachos. Until recently, our nacho tastings once only included our close friends. Now, random strangers have caught on to the magic that comes from sharing a delicious plate of nachos.

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It's a Crawl. It's this weekend.

Updated Info – Check the post

Newsflash: We’re having a Nacho Crawl.
Where: Park Slope
When: May 23 at 3pm
Cost: $10
Places: Perch Cafe, Rachel’s Taqueria, Mezcal’s, Tacos New Mexico

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Buffalo Cantina

Stop three on the Williamsburg Nacho Crawl just happened to be Buffalo Cantina. As we have found in recent crawls, the third place tends to be when the participants border on nacho over-doses and Buffalo Cantina was no exception.

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The Williamsburg Crawl in Review

So, another Nacho Crawl done. Another neighborhood devastated by the Nacho gang. With reviews on the way in the coming days. Here’s a few photos/videos to let you know just how epic this was.

Check out the pictures and video.

Thanks for coming out everyone. Let’s do it again really soon.