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Aviator Sports and Events Center

Aviator Sports and Events Center is a fun place to go ice skating on the weekends. Take the bus out there and you almost forget you’re in Brooklyn. Last time out, they were out of chips but I was in luck this time around, if you could call ordering “NACHO’S” luck.

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At Nachos NY, we continue our attempt to find good nachos at chain restaurants. I had a strong desire to hit some gophers with a foam hammer so Dave and Buster’s in Times Square it shall be. See, I am so dedicated to my craft that I not only dined at a chain restaurant/arcade but I went to Times Square.

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Vegan Nachos at V-Spot

Vegan Nachos. Yes, milk-less cheese and soy chicken. You still with me?

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Tacos El Branco – Nachos Texanos

It was approaching the midnight hour and tummies were rumbling at the Robicelli’s kitchen. Tacos el Branco in Sunset Park has served me well before, even in delivery nacho category. But Nachos Texanos? Without a description? I was feeling adventurous.

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El Ranchito del Agave

We got the entire nacho gang together to feast on nachos. Boy, did El Ranchito de Agave serve a bad plate of nachos to the wrong crowd.

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Calico Jack’s Cantina

Oh February 28th. One of the greatest days of my life. And nachos from Calico Jack’s Cantina almost ruined it.

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Caliente Cab Company

At first glance and I admit first bite, I really enjoyed caliente’s nachos. They are simple. Just like Ignacio would have wanted. Chip, cheese and jalapeño. Of course we added the chorizo – sorry Ignacio! The presentation was clean and impressive.

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The Worst Nachos in 2010

In 2010, we ate a lot of nachos, some good and some bad. I like my bad news first, so without further ado, the five worst places we had nachos at this year.

12:15 pm on October 25, 2010 by Shawn Parow Category: a queso the munchies 3 Comments
Amy’s Nacho Snacks (A Queso The Munchies)

As an official nacho snack correspondent, I’m constantly on the lookout for what treats are waiting for me on the shelves. Generally, when I visit bodegas, I do a quick scan for packaging with the word “NACHO” on the front, making sure to pay special attention to anything in orange packaging. A few weeks back, I was at my favorite Park Slope bodega looking in the freezer section for something all organic & whatnot, something I could heat up & call my dinner with the least amount of effort.

10:18 am on October 8, 2010 by Rachel Anderson Category: dispatch 3 Comments
CC Club – Minneapolis

As the Yankees prepare to sweep the Minnesota Twins this weekend, I was reminded of my trip to the Twin Cities two weeks back. The CC Club is a historic bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota. While the Surly, Summit, and Bell’s was a-flowin’ I started getting the munchies and settled for a half portion of bar nachos at Twin Cities punk-rock institution.

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El Charro Espanol

You’d think that after what seems like 20 years of Nacho eating and 25 appointments at the Cardiologist, I’d know when to turn down a Nacho that will probably be awful when I read the menu or hear about the place.

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Hog Pit

As some of you know, I started a new job at a new company. We went as a group to Hog Pit. As I walked through the rain, I saw on their sign that they had nachos for the day at the low price of $5.95. Since I have been talking about my nacho-obsession, I had no choice but to order them.