10:05 am on May 27, 2011 by Lee Frank Category: announcements 2 Comments
Subway to make their subs 100% more Guactacular

I woke up this morning to reports that Subway will begin having avocados as an option to on their subs. This comes as no surprise to me as they can only have 2 types of cheesesteak and Apollo Ohno looks awesome juggling an avocado.

12:56 pm on September 2, 2010 by Lee Frank Category: interview 1 Comment
Meeting More Avocado Tattooers

Writing about nachos is an intensely interesting, weird and rewarding experience. I get to eat a lot of my favorite food, I get to meet a lot of awesome people who love nachos, and sometimes I get great emails. Phil, read our other avocado tattoo, Shelly, and left word that he too had an avocado on his person. His tattoo is AWESOME, so, naturally, we asked some questions.

11:58 am on August 23, 2010 by Lee Frank Category: buy now No Comments
Avocado Guitar (Nacho Buys)

Through our days and nights of nachos, we come across really strange things that I’d like to highlight. A huge quantity of these come from Etsy, where if you want it, it’s probably already there. Today’s is something I never ever would have thought to buy, but am thinking about giving up eating so I can afford it.