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The Winners of Guactacular 2013

First off thank you to all over 2013 contestants, attendees, sponsors and judges. We will share photos and recipes later but for now, here are your 2013 Guactacular champions.

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Win Tickets to See Moon Hooch this Friday

Brooklyn trio Moon Hooch have been playing together in the New York subway since the summer of 2010. Since being banned from the Bedford L stop for causing “too many dance parties,” the band now calls the Union Square L stop home. Nachos NY will be giving away a pair of tickets to this Friday’s show.

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Sorry everyone but the we have officially hit max capacity for Guactacular! We have a wait list going but unless 10 people crack under the pressure and bail, I hate to say it but there’s always next year!

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Join us for Gypsies, Tramps and Tacos!

Our friends from The Glass Bandits Theatre Company want to get you stuffed and liquored up for a good cause. This Saturday, July 31st at the Loading Dock $10 bucks will get you all the booze you need from 6pm-11pm. The guys are raising money for the Fringe Festival debut of their latest work, The Boogyman Thumbs A-1-A.

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In the last few weeks, many of you may have noticed some changes. Let’s talk about them.

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Where To Go To Support The Rainbow: Nachos For Pride

This weekend is the annual Gay Pride Parade in New York City. To honor this celebration, we pick out our favorite rainbow ‘chos. Red, blue, and yellow, at NachosNY we have learned to love a little diversity.

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Royale Cafe – A Nachos NY Hot Spot Shuts Its Doors

Next week, I will pull my last shot of espresso at Royale Café and Pastry. The coffee shop on 6th Avenue and 11th Street will be closing its doors. Royale was the sight for many of our NachosNY adventures. We had photo shoots and ate Qdoba ‘chos on my lunch break.

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Cilantro Haters Have a New Excuse: Genetics

This weeks’ Dining Section in the New York Times struck me by surprise. A story on cilantro, oh my mouth is watering already. But instead, this article defended cilantro haters by claiming that, “Some people may be genetically predisposed to dislike cilantro.”

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Presidents Love Nachos Too

Happy President’s Day nacho lovers! Or rather, Happy Day-Off-After-Valentine’s-Day! All I normally think about on this day is bombarding Target and buying all the discounted Sweethearts candy I can get my hands on. But today folks, we should be celebrating our fearless leaders and guess what, they love nachos too.

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V-Day Gift Ideas

I’m no expert on love, as I will be hitting the Gato Negro hard this Sunday, but I do know my nacho gifts. Trust me, these will melt anyone’s cheddar-cheese-log heart into ooey, gooey, warm queso.

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RIP Glen W. Bell Jr., 1923-2010

On Saturday, at the age of 86, Glen W. Bell Jr., the founder of much-lampooned franchise Taco Bell, passed away. For a legitimate obituary, you can check out this one in the New York Times. We’re not here to report on his passing, but to appreciate his existence.

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An Update on the Andersons

I have told you many times how awesome my Mom and Dad are. For those of you who don’t know, my parents are missionaries in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti on behalf of Christian Services International Ministries. They are fine, however, the country is not.