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Aviche: The Guacamole of the Sea (recipes)

Ellie Ratcliff, Lindsay Liu and Lauren Cooper were awarded the Judge’s Favorite at the 2011 Guactacular earlier this month for their guacamole, Aviche: The Guacamole of the Sea. The ladies were kind enough to share their winning recipe with us. Enjoy!

11:32 am on May 16, 2011 by A Lovely Guest Category: recipes 1 Comment
Raisin the Roof Guacamole (recipes)

After months of guacamole experimentation, my partner in guac-crime/ boyfriend Anthony and I came up with an Indian-inspired guac to serve at Guactacular. We aptly named our guac Raisin the Roof, as we felt confident that it would set the bar at Guactacular. We’re overjoyed that people at the event loved it and hope everyone at home who missed out on Guactacular does too.

8:37 pm on April 27, 2011 by Lee Frank Category: recipes 2 Comments
Philly Cheesesteak Nachos (recipes)

You probably saw Rachel’s recipe for Buffalo Chicken Nachos and read about the Philly Cheesesteak Nachos I made and after you drooled a bit, wondered, how can I do that, too?

8:18 am on April 27, 2011 by Rachel Anderson Category: Featured, recipes 2 Comments
Buffalo Chicken Nachos (recipes)

For those who don’t follow the NHL, the Eastern Conference Quarter Finals between the Buffalo Sabres and the Philadelphia Flyers was a heated battle. I happen to be from Western New York and Lee is from Philadelphia. So for two weeks, we’ve been silent to each other except when a brief peace was made over Buffalo Chicken Nachos and Philly Cheesesteak Nachos during the Sabres OT victory last Friday.

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Simplest Guacamole

Last night, I was looking through our recipe section and saw all the crazy guacamole recipes we have. And I realized, why am I not giving you guys the simple recipe for guacamole you can make any day of the week. Then I looked at the counter, and to both my luck and yours, two ripe avocados laid.

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Making Nachos Can Be Dangerous

At approximately 6pm on Super Bowl Sunday, the craving for nachos hit. We had recently received the gracious gift of Wisconsin cheddar from our friends at Murray’s Cheese on Bleeker Street. In addition to the pound of cheddar, we were introduced to Rick’s Picks Smokra. Instead of jalapenos, I planned on topping my ‘chos with pickled okra. I couldn’t be more excited. Then tragedy hit the nacho kitchen.

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Darling Clementine Pico (recipes)

On Monday Night, we were a part of the great Beardfest at the Bell House. I grew a beard for the event and was giddy to be with others so dedicated to facial hair. If you weren’t in attendance, you’re probably wondering what we were doing there. Well we mixed up some DELICIOUS salsa and slapped them on a plate.

12:15 pm on December 28, 2010 by Lee Frank Category: Nacho News, recipes, video 1 Comment
Nacho News Network: A Simple Pico De Gallo

Before the New Year’s ball drops and you go to a party empty handed, head on over to the grocery store, grab some vegetables and make this Pico De Gallo recipe with us.

1:31 pm on November 11, 2010 by Lee Frank Category: Featured, Nacho News, recipes, video 1 Comment
Nacho News Network: Make Your Own Tortilla Chips

We’ve made some great salsas already with super simple recipes. Now we need something to eat them with.

8:37 am on October 20, 2010 by Lee Frank Category: recipes, video 2 Comments
Nachos News Network: Corn Salsa

Welcome, welcome, welcome to episode two of the Nacho News Network. Today, we bring you another delicious and simple recipe that will make your friends and family respect you, OR at least ask you to come over with more of this recipe.

11:02 am on October 12, 2010 by Lee Frank Category: recipes, video 7 Comments
Nacho News Network: Mango Salsa

Today marks our foray in to video recipes! I got together with Marcia, who you might remember taking home some heavy metal at the Guactacular. Since impressing the judges, she’s been starting a business of condiments as @kitchen125. We’re going to be doing these recipe videos and other awesome videos in the future.

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Mad for Mangoes (recipes)

Lindsay Liu is a friend of mine and also a creative mastermind. With small numbers of people signed up for Salsa Slam and a trip of hers switching days, I was able to convince her to take her favorite Mango Salsa from home size to XXXXL. She did and she was rewarded.