Get to know a Guac Rock band: Joywave

13 August 2013 by Lee Frank Category: eventsinterview
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Many of you probably know Joywave, but for those who don’t, we asked them some of our most pressing questions before we bring a band on Guac Rock. (There’s still tickets available!)

Nachos NY: What has the band been up to recently?
Joywave: Writing a lot, which consists of many nacho breaks.

What is Joywave’s go to food while on tour?
Dunkin is a frequent stop.

Which member of the band likes nachos the most?
Me (Daniel). Roughly 40% of my daily nutrients are absorbed from some combination of nachos and hummus.

Which member of the band makes the best guacamole?
Travis, only because he brings it up constantly. I’ve never tried it. You can follow all his guacamole related tweets at @JohansenTravis.

Which song goes best with spicy food?
“Motherless Child” from our 88888 mixtape.

Which band member would you say is the jalapeno of the group? The cheese?
Travis is the jalapeno. Travis is the cheese. I am violently lactose intolerant.

Which famous 3 people would you guys want to eat nachos with?
Some kind of presidential nacho summit with Barry O, George W, and William Jefferson Clinton.

Where’s the best nachos in Rochester?
John’s Tex Mex

If Rochester dedicated a food to you guys, what would it be?
Some type of garbage plate (Google it)

Listen to their album, Koda Vista

In the heat of passion while answering these questions, they sent us a few.

Joywave: Our band has had many disagreements over what to call “nachos”. Are they “nachos”? Are they “tortilla chips”? Are there certain situations where one name is more accurate than the other? How do I know which one I’m eating right now?
Nachos NY: Nachos are not tortilla chips. Nachos are the complete dish. We wrote about this in our book. Nachos can be a huge platter of chips with cheese and other toppings or a nicely plated set of 6 or 8 chips with cheese and other toppings. But they are not tortilla chips.

Does guacamole contain dairy? Sometimes I eat guacamole somewhere and enjoy it peacefully. Sometimes I eat it another place and become extremely ill. Do some people put sour cream in it? Do you?
Guacamole shouldn’t include dairy, but some people add it to make it creamier and probably to make it feed more people. We would never do such a thing. It is a detractor.


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