Calexico at Barclay’s Center

8 January 2013 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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A long time ago, on the night that the Nets took on the Celtics at Barclay’s Center, I finally took care of two major needs, nachos from Calexico and nachos at Barclay’s Center. In the process of the night, I sadly also got to see the Nets lose. But back to the nachos.

I arrived to arena at approximately 6:40PM for an 8PM game, so I was plenty early. I went immediately to the Calexico stand, looked up at the beautiful graphic of their nachos and ordered. Not to my surprise, the nachos did not fly out like the concessions at most arenas. Normally this would be a bad thing, as I wouldn’t want to wait around for a hot dog or a pretzel, but when it comes to a work of art like nachos, I’ll stand around eagerly while my nachos are assembled. They arrived in my hand looking like:

There was a layer of chips, then beans, chipotle queso, crema, an ice cream scoop worth of guacamole, and a tablespoon of a corn pico de gallo. This is the prettiest bowl of nachos I’ve ever seen at a stadium. And as I mentioned, the slowest nacho assembly as well.

The chips were fairly standard, and had trouble staying strong with the combination of the cheese sauce, crema and bean related liquid. All of the toppings were very tasty, but due to the technique of adding them, were more generous to some parts and stingy in others.

By the end of the plate, chips were floppy and messy and cheese sauce coated the bottom of the bowl. I ate it all and then watched my poor Nets lose.

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