Astronauts, they’re just like us (They like nachos)

15 January 2013 by Lee Frank Category: announcements
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Did you know that Buzz Aldrin didn’t eat nachos in space? Same with Neil Armstrong. Same even goes for Stretch Armstrong (toy or band). The tradition of astronauts not eating nachos as changed for the better. I happened to come across this picture of a Space Commander’s Nachos in Space.

nachos in space

It turns out that io9 was monitoring Commander Chris Hadfield’s twitter account, who has been tweeting a lot of photos these days and snapped a shot of these space-made, makeshift nachos with the caption, “Variety is the Spice – corn chip, salsa, mushroom pate and jalapeno, floating weightless.”

Which inventors are out there ready to make space-friendly guac?

Found on io9.

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