Nacho Corn Nuts

28 June 2012 by Shawn Parow Category: a queso the munchies
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Shawn is the mastermind behind eat!drink!snack! He eats, drinks, rambles and has absolutely no problem with being your snack monkey. In this column, A Queso The Munchies, Shawn will be reviewing any and every snack he can find that’s deemed “Nacho” or nacho-related.

Are you sad & depressed? Do you ALWAYS have a nagging queso the munchies? Have you been looking for a tasty nacho snack to give you purpose in life? If so, I’ve got your existence-defining treat right here, Maynard…Nacho Corn Nuts!

As the Corn Nut website describes, “Being CORN TO THE CORE is about staying true to yourself, being genuine and being authentic. It’s about taking what’s at your core and proudly showing it — because our cores define all of us, just like corn defines CORN NUTS.” Genuine! Authentic! CORN TO THE CORE! I want to be all those things! Thanks a million, Planters/Kraft/Mondelēz International Inc!

Now if you’re like me, you spent most of your life wondering, “What the heck is a corn nut?” As it turns out, it’s a snack made from a corn kernel that’s been soaked in water for three days & then deep-fried in oil. In the case of the Nacho Corn Nut, it’s that same concoction covered in some questionable “nacho” flavoring.

As far as being a nacho snack goes, Corn Nuts have stretched the definition of “nacho” way too far. The generic orange flavoring contains ZERO cheese and mild traces of jalapeno pepper, onion, tomato & garlic powders. While the flavor’s not offensive, the nacho description definitely is. I guess it’s not all bad though…at least I now have a purpose in life. Thanks a million, Planters/Kraft/Mondelēz International Inc! CORN TO THE CORE!

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