13 March 2012 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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Prior to attending a bar crawl for Delta Spirit’s new album, I forced Maraysa to eat nachos in Greenpoint. We’ve been to Acapulco and to Vamos Al Tequila and both were pretty lovely, so we chose Papacito’s. Papacito’s offers a great variety of vegan and vegetarian options, but if I was that into either of those, I probably wouldn’t be blogging about nachos.

We sat by the window, to get access to the wealth of light pouring in and ordered Bloody Marias and the small nacho platter with chorizo. They came out in the most adorable platter.

I forgot to mention above that we didn’t spring for regular cheese, instead we stuck with cheese sauce. From looking at Foursquare later, I learned that maybe we should have chosen the real cheese.

However, these were pretty good nachos. The chorizo was so delightful, that I opted for more chorizo on my Papacito’s Plato. And the cheese sauce was better than expected.  The chips were the masterpiece of the order, they were obviously homemade and definitely delicious. They could have held a tank.

If you’re wondering about this and check Yelp, the reviews are CRAZY polarizing.

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