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15 March 2012 by Shawn Parow Category: a queso the munchies
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Shawn is the mastermind behind eat!drink!snack! He eats, drinks, rambles and has absolutely no problem with being your snack monkey. In this column, A Queso The Munchies, Shawn will be reviewing any and every snack he can find that’s deemed “Nacho” or nacho-related.

In the course of fast food history, the big chains have blessed us with a few extra-special concoctions that, upon their availability, absolutely electrified the public. We swoon yearly over the reintroduction of the McRib. KFC’s Double Down sandwich was such a big deal that former NY Times’ food critic Sam Sifton reviewed it. 2012 brings us Taco Bell’s big splash–the Doritos Locos Taco–a Taco Bell taco with a shell flavored like a Nacho Cheese Dorito.

Since its release late last week, every food blogger & their mother has gave their opinion on the treat, so this weekend I got my ass to a Taco Bell to sample the goods firsthand.  I opted for one each of the regular Doritos Locos Taco & its Supreme stylee cousin.

The shell is pure genius. The nacho cheese flavoring is pretty much the same as that of the Nacho Cheese Doritos but a little less messy on the hands. It’s thinner than a Dorito. In short, I don’t know why they’d even continue to make a taco WITHOUT Nacho Cheese Dorito flavoring. It adds a whole new level to their kinda-shitty tacos. The usual shell’s LAME by comparison.

With the regular Loco Taco, it’s just a cheesier version of their taco but as far as the Supreme is concerned, the simple addition of tomatoes & sour cream to the normal meat, cheese & lettuce, it makes a big difference. When you get a bite with all five ingredients, the sour cream & Nacho Cheese Dorito flavor meld together quite deliciously. While lettuce has no place in nachos, it’s ALMOST nachoesque.

Will I get it again? Probably not. I have better taste in tacos & hardly ever go to Taco Bell. Still, it’s an idea that Yum! Brands & PepsiCo should’ve come up with years ago. Bring on the Cool Ranch shell, bitchez.

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  • Jonesgirl said:

    I refuse to believe that shell could be anything but disgusting.

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