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6 March 2012 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews
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I have tried to eat nachos at Aviator Sports and Events Center in Marine Park, Brooklyn. You see, I’ve taken up a new non-food related hobby, hockey. God forbid, I try to keep off the pounds the queso piles on. Aviator is a fun place to go ice skating on the weekends. Take the bus out there and you almost forget you’re in Brooklyn. Last time out, they were out of chips but I was in luck this time around, if you could call ordering “NACHO’S” luck.

There’s no question that you’re getting cheese sauce at an ice rink snack bar. They even have the pump right there to see. I was surprised though to find black beans in my chili. While the flavor and heat was lacking in the chili, the beans texturally broke up otherwise soggy mess of chips, cheese and chili.

Honestly, these nachos didn’t have much flavor. If I closed my eyes and were fed these nachos, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you what I was eating. The chips lost their strength within seconds and the cheese didn’t have any cheddar bite to it. The shocking bit was that I got charged $.50 for “salad” aka those jalapenos. Jalapenos count as salad, who knew?

At Epstein’s I raved about how cheap the nachos were at happy hour. While these were comparable in price, I guess this is what I expect for $4.50 so I was already prepped for disappointment. As they set in my stomach, the zamboni finished polishing the ice and I was ready to skate off these unnecessary calories. Next time I will just stick with the frozen yogurt machine.

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