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14 February 2012 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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No 7 Sub is one of my favorite lunch spots near work. They take creative food combinations and slap them on a roll; I like that. So, I’ve been waiting and waiting to go to their other outpost, No 7 in Fort Greene for a brunch or dinner. Finally, I had the opportunity.

I knew before I got there that they feature a breakfast style nacho, so I knew I had to eat it.

They kept it very simple. A bed of chips, beans and cheese. On top, an egg sunny-side up and a handful of jalapenos.

These nachos were picturesque. But when I dug in with my fork – which readers of the blog know we hate – all I got was eggy chips and a few beans. I kept hoping to find a pod of sauce, maybe a jalapeno hollandaise or just a swig of tapatio. A little meat would have been lovely, too. But alas, these were not included.

All in all, these were an interesting take on nachos, but were missing their kick. We’re currently working on our breakfast recipe, but we’re wondering, what would you put in your breakfast nachos?

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  • Sarah Brown said:

    For breakfast nachos – I’m thinking the eggs should be scrambled, and maybe some chorizo and black beans?

  • sofia said:

    i love how inventive no. 7 can be, but i’m sad to hear this dish fell short. i kind of want to recreate this at home with a bean-y salsa. mmm.

  • n said:

    i’m all about breakfast nachos. after sxsw a couple years ago, i started ordering the mrs. jim bowie with scrambled eggs on top from silver spurs (don’t laugh). they do not disappoint.

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