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Brooklyn trio Moon Hooch have been playing together in the New York subway since the summer of 2010. Since being banned from the Bedford L stop for causing “too many dance parties,” the band now calls the Union Square L stop home.

Recently the band has surfaced from the underground. They were featured on Australian TV show “Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year”, went on a month long national tour with Mike Doughty (Doughty discovered the band playing in the subway), and have headlined a number of shows around the city.

Starting January 6, Moon Hooch will headlining the Knitting Factory Brooklyn once a month at midnight until June.

Nachos NY will be giving away a pair of tickets to this Friday’s show. It’s easy to win. Just tweet to us @NachosNY or enter to win in the comments section. We’ll pick a random winner at noon on Friday. Check our Moon Hooch and good luck!

Moon Hooch – Low 4 NYC 2011 from eDsanca on Vimeo.

First off, introduce yourselves, please.
J – James Muschler, drums, Cleveland.
W – Wenzl McGowen, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, contrabass clarinet, tubes, and sound design. I was born in Spain, lived in Austria, Portugal, Germany,France, and now in America.
M – My name is Mike Wilbur, I’m from Brockton, Massachusetts. I play tenor saxophone, and all other saxophones.

For people who have seen you guys while waiting for the subway, how does your show translate to an actual music venue? What have you guys taken from your time busking and used to playing to a live audience that’s sticking around for an hour long set?
J – Playing in the subway has helped us to get really tight as a band, rhythmically. It has forced us to keep things fresh creatively because playing the same songs over and over again gets a little tedious, so we get creative and try new things. When a show comes around we have a large amount of material to draw from. Because we have experimented so much in the subway we have a broad palate of things we can do on stage. We have accumulated a lot of ideas.
W – Playing in the subway has made us really comfortable playing with each other, get really tight, and know each other as musicians. Also it has made us comfortable playing in front of all kinds of people. We’ve learned how to motivate crowds and engage people that don’t even want to listen to our music. They are just passing us by. We also notice body language of people, and how to use our own body language to help engage people in our music.

What was your reaction when Mike Doughty wanted to bring you on tour?
J – I was very excited. I’d never been on a tour that was more than a week long.
W – I was thrilled. I didn’t even believe it because down in the subway lots of people contact us and lots of times its just a scam. But, once it was confirmed, it was great.
M – Absolutely!

You guys have an interesting instrumental setup. What is one instrument that you wish you could play or would like to introduce to your music one day?
J – Tabla. Its a 2 piece Indian drum and I’ve been studying it for the past two years. I hope one day I’ll be able to present it in Moon Hooch and incorporate what I’ve learned about tabla drumming into a live music context.
W – Contrabass saxophone…its 9 feet tall.
M – Contrabass saxophone, but Wenzl probably already said that, bastard.

How long have you guys lived in NY and how long have you been playing music in the city?
J – I’ve been playing music in the city as long as I’ve been in New York, 5 years.
W – I’ve been in NYC  5 years playing in various jazz and electronic bands, but Moon Hooch has been together just under a year and a half.
M – I’ve been here 4 years and have been playing music the whole time.

Where is your favorite place to grab nachos? If you don’t have a favorite place, where is the best Mexican food in the city?
J – I really like Dos Toros.
W – L.A. Burrito. Actually, its definitely not the best, but I just like it.
M – La Superior in Williamsburg.

What is your beverage of choice while eating nachos? (beer, michelada, sangria, margarita, etc.)
J – Brooklyn Lager. I like to drink stouts but they are too heavy and take away from the flavor of the nachos.
W – Corona, the most *cheesy* answer ever.
M – Margaritas, on the rocks with salt. Definitely with salt.

Finally, what is your go-to food on tour or rest stop area food?
J – Nuts.
W – I like a lot of vegetarian food, like vegetable burritos. I don’t really like fast food at all, I hate it actually. I like good quality, healthy food.
M – Taco Bell!

Stream Moon Hooch’s album online now and make sure to like them on Facebook.

Remember to enter to win tickets to see Moon Hooch this Friday at Midnight in the comments down below or Tweet at us @NachosNY. We’d love to hear from you.

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  • Elizabeth B. said:

    in love with you guys. i’ve been to 4 or 5 of your shows and see you perform on the street and in the subway all the time. it gets better and better EVERY time. keep it up!

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