Orville Redenbacher’s Spicy Nacho Popcorn

19 January 2012 by Shawn Parow Category: a queso the munchies
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Shawn is the mastermind behind eat!drink!snack! He eats, drinks, rambles and has absolutely no problem with being your snack monkey. In this column, A Queso The Munchies, Shawn will be reviewing any and every snack he can find that’s deemed “Nacho” or nacho-related.

OMG! Is it really that magical time of year again? You’re darn tootin’ it is. It’s National Popcorn Day! That’s right, today is some day that some marketing exec at some snack manufacturer dreamt up to boost popcorn sales. Celebrate good times, come on!


In anticipation of today’s festivities, I went out & picked myself up a box of Orville Redenbacher’s Spicy Nacho Gourmet Popping Corn. Orville Redenbacher’s, the Indiana snack company named for their now-deceased bow-tied founder, released their Spicy Nacho flavor way back in 2010 but for some reason, the front of the box still announces “NEW FLAVOR!” I guess in the grand scheme of things, when you compare the point in history that they released their Spicy Nacho Popcorn to the invention of popcorn by Native Americans thousands of years ago, it’s “new.”

The creative descriptions don’t end there though. The front of the box also features a block of cheese & two jalapeno peppers. This is curious as, unless it’s hiding under the guise of “natural and artificial flavor,” there’s nary a lick of cheese to be found in the ingredients. On their website history page, they boast of developing “a new microwave cheese product” with a picture of the Spicy Nacho Popcorn. How did they do it? I guess by not putting any cheese in it. Genius! The taste definitely reflects this. There’s little to no cheese flavor to it. Sure there’s a cheese smell & an orange color but, c’mon Orville.

What there is a slight peppery kick that comes from the salt, jalapeno pepper, garlic & onion that is the “jalapeno seasoning.” Yippee. I mean, the flavor’s not disgusting or anything, but with this lack of cheese & the slight peppery kick, I don’t know where Orville Redenbacher’s gets off thinking they can call the flavor “Spicy Nacho.” Spicy? Maybe. Nacho? I’ve never had a plate of nachos that didn’t have cheese.

Sorry, folks. Hope I didn’t ruin your National Popcorn Day.

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