Mitt’s $2,500 Guacamole

23 January 2012 by Rachel Anderson Category: nachos in the media
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Last Tuesday evening, hopeful Republican nominee Mitt Romney held a fundraiser at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers. If you had an extra $2,500 to burn, you could have indulged yourself with a cash bar and some chips, salsa and guacamole. We host our Guactacular every year for only $15. Imagine what you can do with that extra $2,485. I mean seriously folks. Come over to my house and for $2,500 I’ll put a keg of PBR in the bathtub and we can wrestle in a kiddie pool of guacamole. We could even watch some pay-per-view.

By serving good but not spicy guacamole, Mitt continues to remind Republicans that you’re just going to have to settle with the mediocre offerings the party has to choose from this election year.

[Editor's note: What ingredients would be in your $2,500 guac?]

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