We are writing a book!

12 December 2011 by Nachos NY Staff Category: announcements
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Nachos NY has been a passion project for the past three years. Along the way, we’ve learned so much about our favorite food, nachos. We’ve also had a lot of fun hosting Guactaculars, Salsa Slams, Guac Rocks, nacho crawls and even El Grito (look that one up if you’re curious). We’ve gotten the opportunity to meet amazing people and work with amazing companies and now we’re taking the next step.

In the not that distant future, you will be able to buy a book crafted by us. With the help of the great people at St. Martin’s Press, we will be putting a book together that celebrates the nacho in the best way possible with recipes, history and a lot of surprises. Beyond just our imparted wisdom, we will have participation from some of your favorites like Cathy Erway, Matt Armendariz, and Matt & Allison Robicelli.

So yea, we’re writing a book.

Along the next few months, we’ll be spilling the beans with more details about the book and our contributors, so keep checking back.

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