Vamos Al Tequila

6 December 2011 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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Recently, I picked up this adorable two-seater bench in Greenpoint, my third visit to the area since not visiting for 18 months or so. With the bench in my car, I found Vamos Al Tequila on Franklin St. With outdoor seating, I figured why not bask in the sun and eat nachos all by myself as passers by pass me by.

I don’t usually eat nachos alone, but decided that this was as good a time as any.

I ordered the Nachos Grande and an Horchata. The Horchata arrived first and though slightly chalky, it was still pretty tasty. Eventually, I would love a long aside on Horchata, is there any one out there who wants to take that quest on?

Next, came the nachos which were meatless, yet bountiful.

I dug in, as people passed, they were impressed with my bold decision. While we don’t usually like beans because they seem to make a soggy mess, but luckily for me, beans didn’t have a teammate in salsa, so they lasted just fine. I ate them ferociously, while getting full quickly. I past the full point by the time I realized I had eaten all the toppings.

Laid in front of me was a bounty of chips. I was able to stop there.

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  • Papacito’s | Nachos NY said:

    […] new album, I forced Maraysa to eat nachos in Greenpoint. We’ve been to Acapulco and to Vamos Al Tequila and both were pretty lovely, so we chose Papacito’s. Papacito’s offers a great variety […]

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