Salsa Slam: Prizes and Judges

2 November 2011 by Lee Frank Category: events
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Salsa Slam may seem like the dorky step-brother of Guactacular. And it sure might be, but we still absolutely love it.

This Sunday is coming REALLY soon and we realized we wanted to pass on a few more details.

Let’s talk Judges. We have specialists.

Rob Behnke: CEO and Founder of The Brooklyn Salsa Company
Jenny Miller: Writer at NY Magazine’s Grub Street
Shawn Parow: Found of Eat!Drink!Snack!
Rachel Anderson: Co-founder of Nachos NY

They will be deciding on their FAVORITE and what we are calling “The Greatest Stretch,” the farthest recipe from the salsa realm, yet incredibly delicious.


Judge’s Favorite: $75 CASH and 3 Original Brooklyn Salsa Jars made from their home kitchen in 2009 before they launched the company (yes, they are still good). Only 10 in existence.
The Greatest Stretch: 1 5 borough pack of Brooklyn Salsa.
People’s Champion: $75 CASH and 1 Brooklyn Salsa Company Holiday 6-pack with Sleepy Hollow.

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