Chovember: Allison Robicelli

7 November 2011 by Rachel Anderson Category: chovember
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As one half of the cupcake power couple that is Robicelli’s, Allison Robicelli often shares hilarious personal stories over on her website while sharing the cupcake flavors for the day. On day 3 of Chovember, why don’t we take off all clothes and enjoy a bag of Tostitos, shall we?

Back in my pre-Robicelli’s, pre-Matt, hell, pre-chef days, nearly every Friday or Saturday night you’d find me at a hardcore show in some part of New York or New Jersey.  After spending the night sweating my balls off in a pit with strangers and getting hammered on cheap beer, the bestway to end it at home was by stripping off my filthy clothes and makingreally cheap-shit nachos with jarred jalepenos and queso, and a bag of Tostitos that was crushed up to the point where there wasn’t a single whole chip left.  You microwave the jarred cheese, mix it all up in abowl and then drunkenly eat it out of your palm while using your otherhand to pound more Budweiser, which really is the only beer that compliments it.  Then you wake up the next morning on the kitchen floor in your underwear and covered in nacho cheese and cheap beer, with your father screaming at you about your whereabouts the night before.

May I add that nights like that are one of the reasons I haven’t had adrink in nearly five years.  However, I will still eat nachos naked or close to naked whenever the opportunity arises.

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