Celebrate International Nacho Day with a Classic Joke

21 October 2011 by Lee Frank Category: buy now
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Yes, October 21 is the International Day of the Nacho. This is the type of day that makes me want to use up my passport, as its international. Don’t get this confused with the National Day of the Nacho, on November 6, also known as Salsa Slam Day.

So, how do you celebrate this joyous occasion? One way, is to eat nachos of course. One other way: watch people tell the “What’s cheese that’s not yours” joke over and over again. We can help you with the first and below, we help with the second.

Start with a terrible one, thats what they always say.

A scary one.

A cute one.

Cats are popular on the internet, right?

A Cinematic one.

This is another scary one!

THANKS FOR CELEBRATING WITH US! I hope your nacho day is a delicious day of cheese and reflection.

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