El Centro

31 August 2011 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews
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Twas a rainy day in Hell’s Kitchen. Seeking refuge from the storm, the Nachos NY gang searched out a place to dry out and chow down on some chorizo ‘chos while celebrating the birth of the nacho king himself, Lee Frank.

At El Centro, we dove in to a plate of Nachos de la Casa with chorizo. Dive is the appropriate word. After a few chips I felt like I was swimming in cheese, chorizo and its meat juices. It’s a shame, really, All the flavors were there. The chorizo was amazing and I love a little crema. What I don’t like is having to break out the spoon. Check it, these were spoon nachos. Not even fork and knife. The only time I want spoon-fed nachos is for my baby’s first ‘cho action not now when a bunch of 20-somethings with teeth and full motor skills are trying to enjoy their night out. That being said, if we only had our free chip basket from the beginning of the meal we could have remedied the situation ourselves. As you can see though, we still polished off the plate. Couldn’t let good chorizo go to waste now could we?

Note to restaurants: even when your toppings are awesome, a little goes a long way. Chips get soggy and smiles turn to frowns really quickly.


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