Meet Guac Rock Band: American Darlings

14 July 2011 by Rachel Anderson Category: interviewnacho radio
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Guac Rock is only a week away! Tickets are still available for this epic event. Imagine. 3 hours on a boat, incredible amounts of guacamole, an hour of free tequila and three awesome bands. One of those bands, American Darlings were kind enough to answer a few nacho goodness questions. So without further ado, I introduce American Darlings. And get your tickets already, gosh darn it.

If you could eat nachos with 5 people living or dead who they be?
John: Gram Parsons, Frank Sinatra, Jarvis Cocker, Sean Connery, and Calvin Coolidge
Dan: Beethoven, Howard Stern, Danny Devito, Larry Legend & any member of Los Lobos?
Jason: In no particular order, Dave Grohl, John Lennon, Cheech Moran, Sofia Vergara and all of the Gypsy Kings (does that count as one?)

What’s your favorite Mexican place in NYC?
John: Chipotle, obviously. Other than that, Haab on Leonard St has awesome burritos. And I love the tacos from Oaxaca in Park Slope.
Dan: Papacitos in Green Point, amazing white sauce
Jason: Ta Cocina in Hell’s Kitchen.

Follow up, do they have nachos and have you had them?
John: I ought to do that next time.
Dan: Of course. Will try them next time for sure.
Jason: The nachos are a mountain range of Guac goodness.

What is your favorite ingredient in guacamole?
John: I had a friend in college who made amazing guacamole, but I never got the recipe. Cheese sounds intriguing though.
Dan: Cilantro is probably my favorite ingredient of all time.
Jason: Your basic avocado and salt.

What can guac lovers expect from an American Darlings performance?
John: That depends…. are we on before or after the tequila tasting?
Dan: They can expect us to align well with the tequila tasting.
Jason: Songs about Guacamole.

Have you ever played on a boat before?
John: Never. Looking forward to it.
Dan: Yep.
Jason: Nope.

Just in case, do you guys know how to swim?
John: Absolutely. Night swimming is my favourite.
Dan: I was a lifeguard man, for a shallow end
Jason: I took scuba lessons in college, so I might have to bring my scuba gear.

Remember: Guac Rock Boat Cruise, Monday, July 18th at 7pm. Be there.

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