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8 June 2011 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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On a lovely Friday, Maraysa told me that El Paso on W. Houston had caught her eye and she’s been meaning to try it. I agreed as anything paying homage to El Paso, it should be delicious. From the outside, I thought I was going into a dive-y place, but I was very wrong. When I entered, I found a very family-friendly if not slightly romantic restaurant.

As I sat down, I took a look at the menu and I learned more about what nachos are.

So, I learned a little. And then even though I was worn out from learning, I ordered the nachos. Before I even ordered them, I knew I was in for a small portioned pizza style. When they came:


On this small plate, there were chips, I assure you. I grabbed my first chip, and bit in. I was surprised. Here I was thinking that I was simply getting chip, cheese, jalapeno; I was wrong. There was some beans in here, too.

But, as I learned quickly, this didn’t help my frown when the chip was weak, and the cheese was overflowing and not good, and the beans weren’t a high-five either.

I still can’t figure out who this place is catering to; the outside says Dorm Room Delight, the inside says Mexican restaurant found in the suburbs. Neither are my ideal situation. I won’t be returning for more of these nachos.

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  • smoovebert said:

    wee little mexican pizzanachos

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