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3 June 2011 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews
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At the suggestion of a super secret awesome celebrity nacho lover, we dined at El Parador Cafe in Murray Hill. The place was swanky and a romantic date night spot. But there is only room in my heart for one love, nachos.

You know when you finally get to mack the high school quarterback and you realize, meh I’ve had better? Well that sums up the nachos at El Parador. Still an impressive notch on the bed post, but not worth the trouble of follow up phone call.

As we dined with new nacho friends, we were educated in the differences between Spanish and Mexican chorizo. While nachos are a Mexican dish for some reason these ‘chos had cured sausage stylings of Spanish chorizo.

I liked the pizza style at El Parador. There was a generous amount of cheese on each chip and I was fully satisfied sharing this plate with 2 others but not fully stuffed that I could pack in some jalapeno rellenos with peanut butter.

Now those I highly recommend.

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  • sofia said:

    peanut butter jalapeño rellenos? holy hell. that seems worth it, even if the quarterback (er nachos) weren’t so great. nice photos, by the way. very romantic…. or as romantic as ‘chos can be.

  • lee said:

    And they were delicious!

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