Blue Diamond Nacho Nut Chips

30 June 2011 by Shawn Parow Category: a queso the munchies
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I don’t know if you know this, but snacking technology has advanced so far that these days, you can make a chip out of pretty much anything. Other than the obvious potato chips, these days there are corn chips, wheat chips, pita chips, banana chips, bean chips, taro chips, rice chips, popcorn chips & kale chips. I have an uncle who makes chips out of buffalo.

How about nut chips? How about nut chips that list “brown rice” before “almond” in the ingredients but still dub them “nut chips?” Yep. Those are available. In fact, I have a bag of them in my apartment. They’re Blue Diamond Nacho Nut Chips, made by the folks who made almonds a solid part of sports-related snacking culture. Ingredient #1: Whole Grain Brown Rice Flour. Ingredient #2: Almonds.

Ingredient #3 is Nacho Seasoning, which is a concoction comprised of twenty different ingredients. The only cheese in there is cheddar & though they throw some spices & powders into the seasoning, at no time did the flavor make me think of nachos. They’re pretty flavorful but with no random jalapeno or guac touches to them, “nacho” is a stretch. I did consider the nacho whilst eating them though, as they’re made of almonds & brown rice, making them extremely firm chips that would hold up quite well in some sort of stoned avant garde nacho plate.

I’ll say this for them:

A) They’re tasty chips with a unique crunch & I’m totally going to get more of them once I finish off these, cause they’re all low fat, whole grain-healthy & it’s bikini season.

B) Although I don’t see the nacho in them, I can’t blame them for calling the flavor “nacho” instead of what it should be—“cheese.” Nacho is WAY sexier.

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