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24 May 2011 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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This Sunday, I wasn’t expecting to eat nachos. I was expecting to eat food trucks foods. I had a wishlist in my mind that included ice cream sandwiches, fries and maybe even a souvlaki stix at the Food Truck Rally at Grand Army Plaza. I didn’t get to eat any of that. When I got there all of the lines serpentined into a confusing mess and I was hungry.

Nozomi and I decided to walk to 7th Ave, where I remembered a place that sort of reminded me of Chili’s in a good way. So, we made our way. When we sat down, we got chips and salsa, just like at Chili’s, and looked at the animal heads on the wall, just like at Chili’s. Then we ordered the Super Nachos and an Oaxacan Sandwich.

When the nachos arrived, we were startled by just how covered these were; sour cream, cheese and salsa made this dish a search for chips.

And we dug in. Each bite was tasty, but as we got to our third and four bites, we were in a big pile of mess. The chips crumbled under the weight of the topping and the moisture from the salsa, beef and sour cream. My fork came out and so did my frown.

I kept eating for a bit longer and then I had to throw in the towel.

To Santa Fe: Get new chips, please.

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