If Your Guacamole Were a Member of the Spice Girls and Other Guactacular Questions

6 May 2011 by Rachel Anderson Category: guactacular
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Holy smokes kids, Guactacular is this weekend! Earlier this week, I posted some words of wisdom from some of our Guactacular competitors who have been to a Nachos NY event or two. Now it’s time to hear from the rest of the competitors. Judging by their answers, we all should be pumped to taste some insane and inventive guac this Sunday. And don’t forget about Mothers’ Day! Now, on to the hard-hitting questions:

  1. Name:
  2. Guacamole Name (if you have one)
  3. Where are you from originally
  4. Occupation
  5. If your guacamole were a member of the Spice Girls, what would its nickname be?
  6. What is your guacamole-making theme song?


  1. Paul Erwin
  2. Guac-ker Texas Ranger
  3. Columbus, Ohio
  4. Commercial banker
  5. Smokey Spice
  6. “Bloody Mary Morning” Willie Nelson


  1. Andrew Forbes Winkler
  2. 8 Laws of Guacamole
  3. Canarsie, yes the LAST stop on the L
  4. Consultant
  5. Who likes the Spice Girls? Truthfully, I liked Destiny’s Child more. I don’t think they’re ready for this guac. But now more than I think about it, has to be Ginger Spice. I love red, I love tomatoes (key ingredient alert) and in fact I have one tattooed on the inside of my arm.
  6. Rancid – Hyena, which coincidentally describes how I personally eat guacamole.


  1. Denise Olson
  2. @awesomeguac
  3. Tarrytown, NY
  4. Special Education Teacher
  5. Cilantro Spice
  6. Psycho Killer- Talking Heads on repeat!


  1. Sarah Alena Alvarez
  2. Chala’s Guacamole (My nickname from my grandmother, whose recipe I am using)
  3. Santa Barbara, California
  4. Masters Student in Food Studies program at NYU and an Administrative Aid at Tisch Special Programs”
  5. Chunky but Sexy Spice”.  My guacamole is full figured and loving it.
  6. Michael Jackson’s “I wanna Rock with you” but I will be singing “I wanna Guac with you”.  Also a mix of Vincente Fernandez like “Volver and El Rey”.  I need to channel my grandmother and these songs always remind me of her.
  1. Tyler “Tystarr” Copes
  2. “Twisted Guac”
  3. Coney Island, Brooklyn Ny!
  4. Freelance Graphic Designer, Cartoonist and Social Marketing Executive.
  5. That last one was unexpected right? Sweety Spice, lol that sounds horrible.
  6. The “I’m Awesome Song” that plays in my head.


  1. Kelly & Carina
  2. The Guacettes (yes it’s plural [because are a team { Kelly, Carina, and Guacamolita}])
  3. Kelly is from the Berkshires, while Carina is a global citizen who split her early years between Budapest and a nice suburb in New Jersey.
  4. Kelly currently works full time in Non Profit, is a part-time Jenga Master, novice homebrewer and an emerging Bloggerina. She authors www.TheBLager.com and co-authors TheCityJarExchange.tumblr.com. You can find her slothing around Williamsburg, slugging craft beers at the bar, and slinging sarcastic witticisms at whomever crosses her path.Carina works at the CUNY institute for sustainable cities and tries to figure out the best way to talk to non-scientists about climate change and sustainability. She spends a lot of her spare time (and money) on food, festivities, and friends. She lives in crown-heights and has a mild obsession with llamas. Maybe you do too and want to hang?
  5. Not-Your-Average-Spice
  6. Put It In Your Mouth (What? You didn’t know that song was about Guacamole? Shame on you).
  1. Greg Rose
  2. ‘Sittin on the Guac of the Bay’
  3. Mountain Top, PA
  4. Store Fulfillment and RFID Analyst at Macy’s, Inc.
  5. Chalupe Spice
  6. Birds of America -Railroad Earth
  1. Greg Van Ullen & Julie Hamilton
  2. A Guac to Remember
  3. Schenectady, NY (Greg)Easton, CT (Julie)
  4. Online Marketer for Smile Train (Greg) Director of Business Operations for the IAB (Julie)
  5. Naked Spice
  6. “Guac You Like a Hurricane”
  1. Sofia Frank and Anthony DiSanti
  2. Raisin the Roof
  3. New York, NY
  4. Almost graduated graduate student and blogger at Insightful Appetite (Sofia) Senior marketing analyst (Anthony)
  5. Ginger spice
  6. Cake – Comfort Eagle


  1. Lindsay Liu, Lauren Cooper, Ellie Ratcliff
  2. Aviche: Guacamole of the Sea
  3. Massachusetts and California
  4. Method Employees and aspiring avocado jingle writers.
  5. Aviche: Guacamole of the Sea Spice
  6. Under the Sea


  1. Lindsay Marie Felton
  2. Open to suggestion!
  3. Seattle, WA / Burbank, CA
  4. Former Child Star / Bartender
  5. Obviously Ginger Spice because she is sexy and spicy and was the first to break out with her own solo career.
  6. “Tequila.” ~ The Champs
  1. Laura
  2. Guac Ness Monster
  3. Spokompton, WA
  4. OG
  5. Gangsta Spice
  6. southernplayalisticadillacmuzik


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