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4 May 2011 by Rachel Anderson Category: guactacular
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This is the third year we have been hosting Guactacular and some people just can’t get enough of the thrill of the competition. Some of these lucky people were in attendance and some were winners of the whole thing so we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to some of those awesome people. In the spirit of general awesomeness, I asked some of our competitors the following questions:

  1. Name
  2. How has competing in Guactacular 2010 made you wiser and more experienced? What advantages do you think you have going into this year’s Guactacular?
  3. What was your favorite memory from Guactacular 2010?
  4. Do you have a super secret strategy or crazy ingredient for this competition?
  5. Besides avocado, what is the single most essential ingredient to a perfect guacamole?
  6. What is your favorite Mexican restaurant in NYC?
  7. If your guacamole embodied the spirit of any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Enjoy their responses and I hope you got your ticket for Guactacular on May 8th. The event is officially sold out.

  1. Denise Olson, Guacamole Name: @awesomeguac
  2. Since my first Guactacular experience on May 5, 2010, I’ve spent countless hours perfecting my recipe and scouring the city for the perfect mix of ingredients to create an unforgettable guacamole. I’ve also been working on the best way to transport 35 avocados from The Bell House to the Upper West Side and back! With the competition less than two weeks away, I feel ready.
  3. The happiness on the faces of everyone dipping chips into big communal bowls of leftover guacamole during the after party really left an imprint on my heart. Of course, seeing @awesomeguac tweet the night away on the big screen was another highlight.
  4. Yes of course, but its super secret and won’t be revealed until the day of the competition. #duh!
  5. Awesomeness. #obvi!
  6. Mercadito.
  7. James Franco. Because its unusual, it makes you smile, and  it is totally going to be the next big thing.


  1. Marcia Bunda
  2. Since competing in last year’s Guactacular, I started my own salsa and guac business and I’ve been making guac in large quantities on a regular basis all year. Making guac is what I love to do.
  3. Winning the people’s choice!
  4. Super secret strategy: have a ton of fun with all the attendees! Oh wait, that’s not a strategy, that’s just what’s going to happen.
  5. ONION. But not just any onion, the perfect kind.
  6. Any one that has a killer margarita.
  7. yeah, I have no answer to that last one.


  1. Ned Rifle.
  2. I’m going to go into it a lot more relaxed. And drunker.
  3. I made friends with several of the other contestants last year, even the ones who beat me.
  4. Yes.
  5. It varies based on what type of guac your’re making. For traditional guac, I’d say cilantro is my favorite.
  6. Fonda.
  7. The Olson Twins. This says it all.


  1. Adam Rubens & Carlos Ugarte
  2. We did not compete in 2010’s Guactacular and are therefore a complete wild card.
  3. Predicting our next move would tantamount to taming the North Wind. I recall tasting last year’s contestants and thinking that they were good, but I wanted a crack at it
  4. Of course we have secret ingredients. Go bold or go home.
  5. The most essential ingredient is love. Or possibly hate, but I think we ruled out hate-a-mole early in the testing process.
  6. Tulcingo Deli VI – Ironically, their guacamole isn’t great, but everything else is.
  7. Jesse Eisenberg – Looks completely unassuming but delivers on many levels


  1. Adam & Natalie Padilla
  2. I’ve realized traditional is out and innovation is key – especially when competing in NYC. Pairing with my sister will be a definite advantage this year – she’s the culinary genius in our family.
  3. Being slandered on the Twitter board. Some attendees were uppity about the slow-moving lines and had falsely presumed I was the cause, deciding to express their grief via tweets. It was hilarious.
  4. While I prefer not to kiss and tell, let’s just say it involves sex appeal.
  5. Pepper(s)
  6. While it’s not technically in NYC, I’d have to say Charrito’s in NJ – feel free to pass judgment.
  7. Mike Tyson, because it’ll be tough contender with a little bit of bite.


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