A Bout of Bad News

1 April 2011 by Lee Frank Category: announcements
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I have some sad news to share. Shortly after I ate the Nachos at the Kimchi Taco Truck, I felt a weird pain in my stomach that made me want to visit my doctor. I feared for the worst.

The worst was right. After explaining the amount of nachos I’ve taken in in the past two years, he said he thought it must be Lactose Intolerance. This was some really bad news for me to hear. But I figured since I have such a dedicated community of people, I can’t give up on blogging.

So without further ado, I’d like to share with you, the future of this blog and my 2nd favorite food: Gazpacho. We’ll be finding the best gazpacho in NYC, providing recipes and hosting our soon to be HUGE event, the Gaztacular.

We hope you like it.

April Fools!

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