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14 March 2011 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews
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On Thursday nights, I intern with Robicelli’s in Sunset Park. Matt and Alison decided we take a break from the baking and order delivery from Tacos el Branco. While I have shied away from delivery nachos, I trusted that the Robicelli’s would not order from just any ol’ Mexican joint. Plus we need to beef up our nacho knowledge in the other BK regions.

Delivery nachos don’t hold up real well. We’ve tried this with Taqueria de los Muertos and others; they’re always a soggy, cold mess by the time the food arrives. This time around this was only half true. The nachos were a little cold but still edible. The refried beans act as a buffer between the chip and the cheese maintaining the integrity and cripsness of the chip. The chips were sturdy and obviously made in-house. They were similar to the chos I have had at Lobo – refried beans and cheeses. Simple yet so, so good.

All in all, suprisingly I would order these delivery ‘chos again. Even if the last chip was a sold 1/2 inch of cold, congealed cheese. I have also learned on this nacho journey that pizza style ‘chos travel much better than the Americanized hot mess style we have all come to know and love.

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  • Tacos El Branco – Nachos Texanos | Nachos NY said:

    […] was approaching the midnight hour and tummies were rumbling at the Robicelli’s kitchen. Tacos el Branco in Sunset Park has served me well before, even in delivery nacho category. But Nachos Texanos? […]

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