Nachos in the Media: Crappy Looking ‘Chos on Top Chef

4 March 2011 by Jon Poritsky Category: nachos in the media
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Instead of this week’s “This Week In Nachos,” a special edition of Nachos in the Media. Enjoy it, foodies.

I don’t watch Top Chef. I find the drama to be completely fake and a waste of valuable foodie TV time. (If you want to see the current gold standard of food competition shows, check out “Chopped” on Food Network, and yes I’m excited for “Chopped All Stars” starting this weekend.) The nachos featured on this week’s episode did nothing to turn me on to the show. I’m so turned off that I can’t even tell you what is going on this clip because I refuse to give the show the time of day.

But here’s what I gather. The contestants are on a boat and have to make a dish out of whatever is in the cupboard. Tiffany D. took the opportunity to throw together some nachos, and I have to say, they look absolutely lame. I wouldn’t call them nachos even, but rather “melty chip stack with lettuce and jalepenos”. These are the kinds of ‘chos I thought were awesome to have after school; these are the kind of ‘chos that maybe I’d pay $0.50 for at a carnival; these are the kind of ‘chos that probably taste better going out than they do going in.

And this is why I dislike Top Chef. This mere minute of  nacho disaster has sullied my entire opinion of the series. Tiffany D. better up her game and realize, at the very least, that what she made was not that loving, soothing, delicious dish we call “nachos”. What she made was a paper boat full of crap.

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  • Maraysa said:

    It broke my heart to see one of my favorite Top Chef All-Stars make such crappy looking nachos!

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