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29 March 2011 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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In honor of full disclosure, El Rio Grande invited me to try their nachos.

It was Thursday night and I was meeting Doree Shafrir for nachos. We met a week earlier at SXSW and I promised her we’d have nachos. At the request of El Rio Grande, I chose to take her there.

When I walked up to the restaurant, I noticed how big it was. I soon learned inside that like the Rio Grande separates Mexico and Texas, the kitchen at El Rio Grande separated the Mexico and Texas dining rooms. Texas being the rowdier of the two.

We sat down in Texas, more out of convenience than need for rowdiness. Per earlier suggestion we ordered the Nachos de Fajita and slightly off menu jalapeño margaritas. When our order hit the table, we realized the nachos were small and our drinks were large.

Nachos de Fajita at El Rio Grande

When I ordered them, I didn’t realize they’d be pizza-style, which I used to loathe and now accept on a case-by-case basis. On each chip, lied beans, three cheeses, guacamole and a hunking piece of steak. Something to note here, we chose to have our steak medium rare at the suggestion of the waitress.

Single Nacho De Fajita at El Rio Grande

We dug in. All the flavors came together really nicely. The steak was tasty and cooked the perfect to go with the nachos. And the unphotographed mango salsa added a nice touch.

The only concern I had is that each nacho was a little difficult to eat, we struggled to decide if it was meant to be two bites or one. If you try to go for two bites, you have to tear the steak apart and if you go for one, you’re getting too much. And as with most pizza-style nachos, I wish there was more of them.

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  • The Experimental Gourmand said:

    Hmmm…that plate looks smaller than what I remembered the last time I had those at Rio Grande. Still, I enjoyed them – and the powerful drinks. I’ve actually been a fan of their sour cream chicken version. Did you try those, too?

  • lee (author) said:

    We did not. Maybe the sour cream chicken version is served the more full plate mess style that I love. We’ll have to try it there next time.

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