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10 March 2011 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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It’s Sunday, it’s raining, you’ve just eaten three plus orders of guacamole and lost all of your new friends: what do you do?

Eat more nachos!

That’s what I was thinking at least. And it’s what I did. We followed our guac crawl by returning to Alma’s bar B61, named after the B61 bus which travels in front as you drink. It’s a full bar with ping pong, beer and a small menu made in Alma’s kitchen.

I sat down at the bar with Nozomi, Rachel, Maraysa, and our new friends Sarah and Keri. At the behest of the bartender, Jamie, we ordered nachos and he suggested we add pulled pork.

We’ll listen to any bartender that’s referenced multiple times in a yelp review.

No one told me these had cheese sauce!

I decided not to worry about that and dig in, because if we’re being honest, they look like a napkin’s worst nightmare / appetite’s best friend. Everyone dug in. These were easily the messiest nachos I ever had. We had everything: chips, cheese sauce, sour cream, pulled pork, diced tomatoes, avocado sauce, and jalapenos.

I can honestly claim that many trees were harmed in this nacho eating as I went through a lot of napkins. These were delicious while breaking our cardinal rule. The perfect end to a day of guacamole with 85 friends.

Don’t order these on your first date.

B61 ping pong table
Photo by Natasha Ryan

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  • sofia said:

    haha, i love that you got more guac-filled things after the event. i managed to eat three slices of pizza afterward, which i’m pretty proud of. i definitely want to go back to alma to eat outside on their roofdeck i hear such great things about! and 5 burro for their outdoor area and to see marla again, who was awesome. loved the places you picked for the crawl. all are return-trip-worthy!

    oh, and i ate nachos on my first date with my now boyfriend. very unlady like of me, and i do believe the pile of napkins you describe accumulated on our table. sexy!

  • Keri said:

    Those nachos were so YUM!! Can’t wait to eat more nachos and guacamole with you guys!

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